Since their beginnings in 1999, their concerts have been very well received by both critics and the public at large:

"A memorable recital by the Trio Kandinsky.
The Trio Kandinsky is in a position to offer not only truly and deep expressive versions, but, at the same time, their musical discourse owns that virtuous eloquence that cannot be considered to be artificial but pure and honest will to express the pieces they perform with full emotional strength."
F. Taberna-Bech · Catalunya Música


"The best contemporary music ambassadors are ensembles such as the Trio Kandinsky [...] They are the first ones to believe in it, they work hard on it and they show it to the audience in a magnificent way. [...] A performance full of strength and precision, vehemence and intensity, a good sonic balance and a high level of understanding among the players. [...] An excellent tension balance. [...] each of the Trio Kandinsky members is a very high level musician."
Xavier Chavarria · Revista Musical Catalana

“Corrado Bolsi’s sound is a very beautiful one, good dynamic tones and bow performance, precision and homogeneity in the faint sounds on part of Amparo Lacruz and particularly expressive musicality by pianist Emili Brugalla. The expression work is a good, smart and sensitive one. These are truly worthy performers.’’
Jorge de Persia · La Vanguardia


"After more than a decade playing together, they have that kind of expressive maturity that makes from chamber music a game of complicity [...] very well played versions, with a very good balanced sonority, the right expressivity and beautiful details."

J. Pérez Senz, El Pais


"The works included in this album show that the development of musical language in the true artists is always the result of the need for expression [...]. Intense versions, heartfelt and accurate by the Trio Kandinsky members have the power to bring this out in a singular and eloquent way. They do it with a choice of two trios of Brahms and one of Clara Schumann which are accompanied by a selection of letters between the two artists."